The Curiosity Boxx

This Boxx is a good introduction to products selected across our four Mood Collections. It gives you a little bit of everything…and will change as we add new vendors. Best of all, we have priced it 10% lower than the other Boxxes because we want you to try it. Our first-ever Curiosity Boxx for launch contains these five great products:

  • One of the 4 great 500mg CBD Moodjuice tinctures
  • Life Flower Flower Child Bath Bomb with Crystal
  • Mender Natural CBD Deodorant
  • Dr. Kerklaan Therapeutics Natural Pain Cream
  • Alni Body Care Vegan Lavender CBD Salve with Arnica & Turmeric Oil


($188 retail value when purchased separately)


Life Flower Child Bath Bomb


Alni Salve Lavender


Dr Kerklaan Pain Cream

Dr. Kerklaan's Natural CBD Pain Cream (from full spectrum hemp oil) may quickly reduce muscle, joint, and nerve pain. Naturally occurring cannabinoids in full spectrum hemp-based oil can act together to effectively alleviate low back and neck pain, headaches, arthritic and nerve pains. Natural CBD Pain Cream is formulated to provide localized relief with the added cooling effect from the essential oils of eucalyptus and peppermint. A luxurious non-greasy feel makes Dr. Kerklaan's cream comfortable to use day and night. 2 oz | 180 mg CBD USA | Grown Hemp | Full Spectrum Extract | Per 2 mL dose: | 6 mg CBD

Mender Deodorant

Mender's Deodorant has been tested and praised by yogis, hikers, builders, dancers, athletes and drummers, proving to be the best natural deodorant available for people who live in their bodies. Natural antibacterial elements found in full spectrum CBD help fight odor and support your endocannabinoid system Soft organic shea butter and coconut oil provide smooth, even, long-lasting coverage of up to 12 hours Arrowroot works as a natural antiperspirant 2 oz | 10 mg CBD Baking soda paired with magnesium team up to create a balanced pH to avoid “alkaline burn” rashes that baking soda alone can cause Organic essential oils of vanilla, rosemary, and grapefruit detoxify and harmonize with your natural scent while calming skin irritations due to shaving or chafing No "transition time" from your store-bought deodorant (Read why) Zero aluminum, zzero phenoxyethanol, zero hydrogenated oils or processed waxes, zero isopropyl myristate or other propane derivatives 2 oz | 10mg CBD